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Part Time Positions

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OR mail your applications to: Harrodsburg Harvest Coffee at 113 East Office Street, Harrodsburg KY, 40330

Open Position:  We are currently hiring for a part time Barista Position.

Baristas are notorious “multi-taskers”. In order to perform this specific job title efficiently, one must be very organized and driven. It is a job with several responsibilities, and perhaps is the most important job in the shop. You must possess a positive out going personality and able to interact with others well.

The barista is responsible for serving all food and beverage items with friendly, individualized attention to all customers. Baristas are responsible for having an extensive knowledge of all beverages served in our establishment, as well as a general knowledge of coffee and tea in order to educate customers about the premium coffees and teas offered within our shop. Baristas fulfill any jobs specifically assigned to them by the manager or shift leader, including but not limited to food preparation, general upkeep of the store, stocking, maintaining a cash drawer, and cleaning of the establishment on a regular basis. Baristas will be held personally responsible for drinks assembled by them, and it is very important that the recipes established by management are adhered to in order to maintain a consistent product. The following is a more specific outline of job duties:

This is the most important aspect of the baristas job, therefore;
-Baristas will be tested on our recipes within 30 days of being hired.
-Upkeep of the espresso machine is the responsibility of the baristas. It will be cleaned after each use, and “deep cleaned” nightly upon closing.
-Baristas will be expected to serve consistent, high quality drinks for every customer, every time.
-Baristas are expected to achieve a knowledge of coffee and tea in order to educate customers.
-The barista is expected to be very familiar with our personal drink menu, as well as “special order” drinks that may be presented to them. “I don’t know” is NEVER an acceptable answer.
-Adequate training will be provided, however it is the responsibility of the barista to familiarize themselves with equipment (espresso machine, blender, etc) in such a manner that he/she will be comfortable with daily use. 

Customer Service
Excellent customer service is expected at all times. Developing professional relationships with your customers is encouraged, and remembering the specific needs of your “regulars” is a great achievement. Remembering a customer’s name and preferences in this environment will set you apart in the customer’s mind, and keep them coming back. With regard to customer service, baristas are expected to:
-Greet EVERY customer who enters the store, as soon as possible. 
-Whenever possible, make conversation with customers who are waiting in line.
-Report any customer complaints to the manger or shift leader on duty immediately
-Do anything within your personal power to “correct” any customer dissatisfaction in a timely manner.
-Maintain knowledge of cash register and any discounts offered.
-Answers phone always in a friendly and timely manner.
-Keep shop in a neat and clean fashion for customers every day.

General Upkeep of shop
Cleanliness if very important in the restaurant business, not only for our customers, but also in order to meet local health department standards. Therefore, baristas are expected to;
-Keep dining area clean at all times by frequently “making a round” and wiping off any tables, bussing any dishes, and spot sweeping any areas that need it.
-Keeping the area behind the counter clean during shift. This can be achieved by “cleaning as you go” throughout the day.
-Cleaning and purging the steam wand AFTER EVERY USE and frequently wiping down the espresso machine, grinders, and counter space around them. 
-Keeping up with temp logs (this specific duty will be better explained during training).
-Restocking shelves and “supplies in use” when needed.
-Take out trash whenever necessary.
-Adequately finishing “opening and closing” checklists when assigned to those shifts.
-Helping to properly put away truck orders after they are checked in by the manager.
-Assisting with prep whenever needed.
-KEEPING RESTROOMS CLEAN!! This is often a “forgotten task” in this business.

Food Preparation
Each barista will be trained on food. How we prepare our sandwiches, salads, etc. and there will be days when you will primarily be assigned to food, therefore;
-Baristas will be expected to achieve and maintain knowledge of our food offerings and how to properly prepare food items.
-Each barista will be expected to prepare and serve food orders in a timely fashion when assigned to food prep.
-Baristas will be expected to utilize gloves when working food, and ensure proper hand washing techniques.
-When working in food, barista will be expected to keep their area clean. This means all food prep surfaces are to be frequently wiped off and sanitized, floors are to be swept whenever needed, and any messes or spills are to be cleaned as soon as possible after they occur.
-Food prep area will need to be restocked after each rush.

Baker/Prep Person
The baker/prep person is responsible for making all baked goods and doing prep for each day’s service. Prep people are expected to maintain a clean, sanitary work area, and to keep all baked goods and prep stocked to par levels throughout their shift, as well as preparing enough of each product they are responsible for, for the rest of the day’s business after their shift ends.
Close attention must be paid to recipes and measurements in order to ensure a consistent product. A “par level” sheet will be provided to provide quotas for specific items to be baked and prepped each day.
Specific job duties will include:

-Preparing produce for salad production, and use on sandwiches to par level.
-Pre-making salads for each day’s business to par level.
-Baking all baked offerings for two days business to par level.
-Some “on the fly” baking or prepping may be required for busier days.
-Maintaining a clean and sanitary work environment, meeting all local health code standards.
-Baker/Prep Person will be responsible for setting up their own work area at the beginning of their shift.
-Baker/Prep Person will be responsible for breaking down their own work area at the end of their shift.
-Since the baker/prep person will come in earlier than anyone else on shift that day, they will be a key holder for the store. This means they will be responsible for keeping up with their key and ensuring it is not lost or stolen.

Assistant Manager
The assistant manager assists the store manager in running an efficient and profitable operation. He/she is responsible for ensuring that the store meets Company standards in sales, staffing, product quality, visual merchandising, and operations. The assistant manager assists the store manager with the goal of providing customers with excellent, quality products and fast, friendly service. This position enforces all procedures in the absence of the store manager. He/she will be expected to have significant product knowledge and demonstrate positive, friendly and courteous customer service, as well as be able to demonstrate a commitment to our business’ standards and procedures.

The assistant manager may be given certain responsibilities, including but not limited to; maintenance of inventory, help with budgeting, some scheduling, and helping to keep up with employee hours worked for payroll purposes. In the event that the store manager cannot be present for a shift or needs to be allotted personal time, the assistant manager may be expected to cover as store manager during that time. The assistant manager will also be expected to report any problems having to do with the store manager to upper level management in a timely fashion, should they arise.

The assistant manager will be expected to help ensure the success of the store on a more personal level. For example: assigning specific job duties to baristas for each shift may be necessary, and/or having disciplinary meetings when necessary if the store manager is not available for any reason. The assistant manager will be responsible for making sure baristas and prep employees are performing job duties in an adequate manner, and will be expected to act accordingly if this is not taking place. This may include informing the store manager or writing a disciplinary slip in some cases.

The assistant manager is expected to act as a “role model” for everyone else in the store, serving as an example of excellent customer service, proper upkeep of store and equipment, and general positive attitude with regard to work and work ethic. In some cases, the assistant manager may act as “trainer” to new employees, and is therefore expected to maintain an excellent knowledge of all equipment, policies, and procedures set forth by upper level management for this location.

The rights of the assistant manager are as important as the job duties. These rights include, but are not limited to; as much communication with the store manager as is necessary to maintain proper job performance, adequate training on any task the assistant manager is asked to perform, expectations will be set forth in a clear manner so that the assistant manager is sure to understand what is expected of them, and access to higher level management, either by e-mail or phone, will be provided should it ever become necessary.